Training Programs


Saturday RUN


The club meets every Saturday morning for a group run.   The venue rotates.  All paces, distances and ability levels are welcome to come run with our group,newbies and seasoned runners, joggers or walkers.


Tuesday Morning Hill Repeats

Adding hill running to your routine is an excellent way to build strength, endurance and speed. This workout is intended to incorporate both speed work and hill work together.

This workout consists of hill repeats from the bottom of steep hill and consist of 4 faster paced runs up and down the hill (focus on faster uphill pace!) followed by a .25 mile recovery jog in between sets. Rest between sets!

3-4 sets for a total of 4-6 miles depending on your individual endurance/ablity level. Can add or reduce sets or numbers of sprints within the set according to your own ability.

The venue is rotated between challenging hills in the Cascades and Lowes Island area.


Thursday AM Track Time

Group track workout featuring interval training with weekly training objectives.  The workout features a set of eight 400, 800, 1200, or 1600 meter runs followed by a recover lap.  The workout is repeated 3 - 8 times depending upon the distance.  The workout can be adjusted to your running level and training needs.

Runner's Focused StrengTH Workout

Runner's need to include strengthening exercises in their fitness routine, to promote better running form and to prevent injury! This workout is based on Dr. Jordan Metzle's (an ultra distance athlete and physician) "Iron Strength" workout routine. In total, it runs approximately 45 min-1 hr with warm up and cool down. Visit for more information.  

From Couch to 5K

The Algonkian Running club occasionally conducts a training course to help beginning runners.  The course teaches proper running techniques, equipment selection, and training strategies.  Runners are conditioned with progressively longer weekly runs that conclude by running a local 5K race.  The Algonkian Running Club  helped a number of beginning runners run the Cascades Melanomore 5K in May, 2017.

We are now training for the Cascades Melanomore 5K in 2018! Click here to join our Facebook group to learn more!